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Spam Counts for the day in REAL TIME

Thanks for your inquiry about and eMailConditioner .com. If you’re tired of getting spam and viruses in your email, you’ll find eMailShampoo and eMailConditioner a real life saver.  Just last month, we blocked over 275,000 spam messages and found over 5,000 viruses – Ugh!  These were headed for somebody's inbox.

It's pretty simple, really. Your email passes through our filters on its way to you to make sure that it's squeaky clean before it arrives in your inbox.  Since we only need about 40 seconds to process all your email, you'll never notice a delay.

The Shampoo cycle looks for known viruses and virus-like patterns, using a database that gives us instant virus alerts. Viruses are cleaned up or flushed down the drain, leaving your email squeaky clean!

Nobody likes spam.  eMail Conditioner quickly smoothes out tangled, spam filled eMail.  Our eMail Conditioner system matches known spammers and deletes their email instantly.  The conditioner then checks remaining email for spam attributes. When we find one, we tag it in the subject line so you can easily delete it or create a rule in your mail program to handle it.

From your end, everything remains the same. You log onto your company email system and get your email, only now it's much cleaner.  How do we get your email?  With your permission, we change the rules for how email is routed, so it passes through our filters before it goes to you. You don't have to do anything different with your email program. No record of your email remains at our servers.  It's completely secure.

Because we keep our overhead low, we're able to offer this service for most systems for less than a buck a month per email account.  For example, you can get our anti-spam filtering and virus detection for 50 email accounts for only $40 per month - that works out to only 80 cents per month each, or less than 3 cents per day for squeaky clean email.  If your needs are smaller, just $25 a month will handle up to 20 email addresses. There's also a one-time setup fee of $50 to get your email re-routed to our servers.

People have been trusting CCI with their data for over 40 years now.  We developed eMailShampoo and eMailConditioner to make sure our customers didn't lose data or productivity due to viruses or spam.  We have received such a great response from our customers that we decided to make this service more broadly available.

For a limited time, we're making a special introductory offer. Sign up today, and we will wave the setup fee.  Call us at (206) 365-3113 to get started protecting your email today.



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